Santa has released
10,000 plots to be sold
through the Department of Elfland Security.


Included with the Deed


Surprise those on your holiday gift list with a Santa Claus Village Land Deed

This is a perfect stocking stuffer for kids or adults who love fun and unique gifts.

Each deed registration will be mailed to you and includes;

  • a deed certificate
  • a map showing the location of your plot
  • a letter explaining your registration
  • a 4X6 photograph of the general location of your plot

Once you receive your deed number, you will be able to come back to our website and see your registered plot and print additional copy of your deed(s) from our Land Map page.

Sample SC Land Deed

The original deed that we will send you will be stamped with the official Department of Efland Security seal so that you know it is authentic.

If you have someone on that holiday shopping list that you just don’t know what to get them, or would like to purchase a great family gift, consider the SC Village land deeds. We will mail the deeds directly to you or can mail them to the gift recipient, either way, you will be sure to get a great reaction when they open it up and find out that they actually have a deed in their name.

Great for:

  • A gift for people who have everything
  • Stocking stuffer for kids
  • Wedding gift for newlyweds
  • A romantic gift for your significant other
  • Gift for family members
  • Gift for co-workers or boss
  • Gift for clients or regular customers

Santa Claus has made this land available through the Department of Efland Security. You can find out more about the land release or view our frequently asked questions if you need more information about this product and program.

To Purchase Your Land Deed

Purchasing the land deeds is a simple 1,2,3 process...
one Review the photographs to the right to choosed which general location where you would like to register your plot. You can also view our land map page for more information on the locations.
two Connect to and complete the order form.
three Process your order.


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When you register your deed, you will be able to choose a general location for the property. Please look at the photos below to determine where you would like your plot.


Polar Bear Lake
Polar Bear Lake

Abandoned Dog Sled Camp
Abandoned Dog Sled Camp

Snow Melt River
Snow Melt River

Noble Forest
Noble Forest

Elf Mountains
Elf Mountains

General Tundra
General Tundra

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Santa Claus Village Land Deed