Santa has released
10,000 plots to be sold
through the Department of Elfland Security.


About the Land Release


About Release

Santa owns several thousand acres of land that he inherited from his adoptive father Marcus Claus. Marcus Claus was a master woodcrafter who adopted Santa when he was a small boy. Although Marcus was a very successful merchant, and owned several thousand acres, he lived the life of a hermit and hardly spent any of his earnings. Besides inheriting the land, Santa also inherited a large fortune so he will never have to work and he can focus his time on bringing joy and happiness to children all over the world.

This land was the land that Santa grew up on and learned his skills as a wood and toy maker from Marcus. He also met the elves within the Noble forest that was next to his childhood cabin.

Since Santa relocated to North Pole Village and moved the entire elf village with him, he no longer is in need of this land. He has graciously decided to release the land to the Department of Efland Security so that they may raise funds for additional security items for The Assembly of Legendary Figures.

With this being said, Andy Petalwink, DES Realty Manager has commissioned a survey company to draw up 10,000, 10ft X 10ft plots to be offered for $9.95 a piece. Money raised will be used to support the Department of Efland Security and The Assembly of Legendary Figures Corporate Headquarters.



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